Yamaha YXZ1000R Storage Cover

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Nothing is worse than wanting to take your YXZ1000R at for a ride only to find it is covered in dirt and debris that requires substantial cleaning before you can take it out. Prevent this situation with the ClimaShield 300D YXZ1000R Storage Cover by Yamaha. The YXZ Storage is designed with an elastic edge and the bottom of the cover so it fits snugly on the vehicle. The storage cover is designed specifically for the YXZ1000R and will fit with most of the add accessories for the machine. The ClimaShield 300D all-weather fabric is dyed 100% completely through to help resist fading. The YXZ1000R Storage Cover features the YXZ1000R name on the side of the cover and the Yamaha Logo on the front.

Fits: 2016 Yamaha YXZ1000R


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